Sandpoint Academy of the Arts, Inc. was developed out of a community need to have an alternative education for our young people. We believe that every student has great potential, especially when they are allowed to learn and develop in a way that is best suited for them. We are constantly seeking out new and different ways to best educate our students. We also believe that developing the spirit is just as important as the mind. At Sandpoint Academy of the Arts, Inc. we strive to not only help develop excellent learners, but exceptional people as well.

Sandpoint Academy of the Arts is a small private elementary school that focuses on children as individual learners. Each child is directed toward learning at their level and pace. Classes are multi age. Using this method, students are all working on their own individual lessons, wherever that may be; whether that is at grade level, or above or below. Students are supported and nurtured in the most enjoyable ways possible. All aspects of the arts are integrated into learning. Music, Dance and Visual arts are just a few of the creative ways we strive to make school as fun as possible. Weekly trips to the Music Conservatory as well as guest artists add to our learning experience. Sandpoint Academy of the Arts believes schools and families must work together to ensure the best learning experience for each child. Daily communication with families and staff are very important to each child’s success.

Looking for a new school for your child?

  • Is your imaginativecreative kid bored in traditional school? Or frustrated and “failing”?
  • Looking for a teacher who has the time to teach to your child’s learning style?
  • Want more individualized instruction for your child?
  • Shopping for a school where creativity is balanced with academics?

Here’s your solution…

Sandpoint Academy of the Arts. To  schedule a tour, see our facilities, look through curriculum, view students’ projects  and meet Miss Lorri, call us now on (208) 304-1285.


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March 2017

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